Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I will start out by wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Day!! Then I will move onto complaining about it. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty to be thankful for but I can't help but feel that no one else feels the same. The only reason I say this is because I am very much disturbed by the fact that everyone has Christmas decorations up and even their Christmas trees. What ever happened to Thanksgiving? I feel so rushed to get through the holidays. I remember schools used to hang pilgrim hats and turkeys on the windows and all you see are candy canes, snowflakes, Santa's and Holly's. What is up with that? I went to the store the other day to pick up some last minute Thanksgiving things and I swear I couldn't find anything. This is sad to me. I feel as if things have become so commercialized. We need to bring back that warm feeling of being with the family and making a big dinner and sit around the table and realize how lucky we are to have each other. Granted, you have those moments during the holidays that you feel you cant wait till its all over but then that inner child in you says you cant wait till it gets here.

I think that is where the problem lies, in our inner child. That is what keeps us going and gives us little jitters just thinking about being around the table listening to crazy family stories and catching up with the new stories. You know what I'm talking about, who is having a baby, who just got married and what neighbor aggravated you this year. I may be sounding a bit petty but as a soon to be mom for the first time, family time has always and will always mean a lot to me. I guess all I can do is make sure I keep that inner child alive to keep things going for my children and grandchildren and god willing great-grandchildren. I can"t expect to change the world and have everyone bring it back but I can make sure I keep it going in my life. With that said, I hope you all enjoy each other and be thankful for the things you do have and dwell on the things you don't. Have fun and be safe. God bless you all!!!!

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  1. I SO AGREE with you...instead of participating in "black Friday" - I call it "FAT FRIDAY", stay home and make Thanksgiving last just that much longer....then on Sunday we put up the tree and just a few lights...
    adding to it week by week so it's more fun than a chore.