Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knitting Part 2!!!!

Where shall I begin. I expressed my sorry attempt at a difficult pattern in my previous post. Now for an update. Like I had said, I was going to look past the frustration I had at not being able to figure out the pattern and I was going to give it another go. And so I did! The result being quite positive.

I woke up this morning with some slight excitement at giving it another shot. I picked up my knitting needles and took a deep breath and started on my journey yet once again. The beginning, of course, was not my problem but the middle was. So, needless to say, I had quite a bit to go before I ended up in the area in which caused me so much grief. I told myself I would not stop today until I at least reached that point again. So, on and on I went, knitting merrily throughout the day until finally I did it. I'm at that point. Almost quite nervous to move on and come across some other type of complication but a quitter I am not. As I have already successfully proven.

I decided to leave it alone for the rest of the night and give the next stage a shot tomorrow with plenty of rest and a clear mind. In the hopes, of course, to be able to move on smoothly. Now, do you honestly think this will happen? Nope. I think not. I'll tell you what will happen. I will wake up in the morning with that same slight feeling of excitement and I will at that point attempt to tackle the challenge. I might progress smoothly for a while but I am almost willing to bet the clothes I felt I lost in my previous post that I will come across another snag. Now, I want nothing more than to be proven wrong but in the case that I am correct, I am prepared to take a deep breath and get myself through it. After all, don't they say that "Nothing is worth having that's not worth fighting for." Maybe a little much of a statement in the case of a knitting project, but none the less, it's the little things in life that keep us happy. On that note I will close by saying wish me luck and I have attached a photo of my progress so far. Thank you and until next time...


  1. It is a great job! As s saying goes that sucess belongs to the presevering.

  2. You are doing amazing! It took me forever to get something simple done. You seem to have picked it up so quickly